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Docent Vesa Hytönen was nominated as a new member of the Board of Vactia

Docent Vesa Hytönen was nominated as a new member of the Board of Vactia. Vesa Hytönen’s expertises include protein production, purification and analysis. He has also used computational biology methods to understand protein function. He is currently holding a five-year Academy Research Fellow post and runs his own research team at the Institute of Biomedical Technology, University of Tampere.


- We are very pleased to have a new member in our Vactia team, comments the Chief Operating Officer of Vactia, Professor Mika Rämet. Both Vesa and his vice member, Professor Markku Kulomaa have already actively participated in the several projects with Vactia members so it feels very practical to have them as active members when planning future directions and undertakings for Vactia.


Besides massive Phase IV clinical trials that study the safety and effectiveness of vaccines developed by international vaccine manufacturers, Vactia has made a strong commitment to basic research that is aiming towards novel vaccines against important diseases. Members of Vactia include the University of Tampere Vaccine Research Center, the Department of Virology, STD research Center, selected research teams from the Institute of Biomedical Technology (IBT), and companies FIT Biotech Plc., Vactech Ltd. and Finn-Medi. Vactia brings together hundreds of researchers and projects to the value of close to 30 million Euros being clearly the most important vaccine development cluster in Finland.