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FIT Biotech Plc – Safe and effective DNA vaccines

FIT Biotech is an innovative medical biotechnology company based in Tampere, Finland and Tartu, Estonia engaged in the development and commercialization of its proprietary Gene Transport Unit (GTU®) technology and GTU® product applications in DNA vaccination as well as in immuno and gene therapies. The company has 40 employees.

FIT´s DNA vaccines

The GTU technology developed by FIT enables the induction of a robust, long-term and polyfunctional cell-mediated immune response. This feature is utilized in the treatment and prevention of chronic infectious diseases such as HIV, tuberculosis and malaria. FIT has also developed a technology that can elicit humoral immunity, which can be utilized in the development of pandemic vaccines, for example. Combining the two technologies results in both humoral as well as cellular immunity, which may be useful in the prevention of HIV infection. FIT´s HIV vaccine has been tested in a Phase II clinical trial in South Africa. Several other clinical trials are being conducted in collaboration with the Imperial College of London and ANRS, Paris, and in a sizeable integrated project sponsored by the EU.
Vactia Biotech
FIT Biotech Plc
Founded: 1995
Field: Research and Development
Projects and services include:
HIV vaccine and GTU® (Gene Transport Unit) related projects, tuberculosis, malaria, pandemic vaccines
GTU® (Gene Transport Unit) Technology
Plasmid DNA production
Contact: Kalevi Reijonen, CEO, President
Tel. +358 3 3138 7000