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FinnMedi Ltd – A partner and developer in biomedicine and health technology

FinnMedi Ltd is a company providing expert services in the fields of biosciences and health technology. The range of services includes clinical drug trials, business development services, commercialization services, incubator activities and project preparation services case-specifically tailored to clients’ needs. FinnMedi also participates in numerous development programmes which support the development of the field and provide development opportunities for clients.

Working with the client, FinnMedi refines the client´s idea into a project, product or business. Quality is assured by an extensive knowledge of the field, a diverse range of services and more than a decade´s experience in the development of Finnish life sciences. The opportunities offered by development programmes are also available for utilization by clients.

Modern and proficient clinical research

In clinical trials, FinnMedi strives to maximize the ease of implementation both for the researcher and pharmaceutical company.

We offer a comprehensive service package covering all stages of the research process, from planning to practical arrangements and project management. In addition to our experts, clients have at their disposal a region of close to 500,000 patients, a university hospital and local knowledge concerning additional services.

Modern reception facilities have been designed particularly for the implementation of clinical trials and further improve the prerequisites for implement­ing clinical trials by individual researchers or by the pharmaceutical or medical device industries.

Clients of FinnMedi also have at their disposal professional study managers and nurses, laboratory technician services, services related to study planning and reporting and compiling applications and notifications, and insurance and contractual protection.

An enabler of cooperation

At Vactia, FinnMedi offers services related to the management and implementation of cooperation projects. Other objectives include finding new cooperation opportunities and partners for Vactia stakeholders, preparing and launching projects, and providing project-specific services, particularly in the implementation of clinical trials and projects aiming for commercialization.

FinnMedi Ltd
Founded: 1995
Field: Business development services
and clinical drug trial services in
the field of biomedicine and
health technology
Contact: Matti Eskola, CEO
Tel. +358 40 557 5355