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The Institute of Medical Technology (IMT)

The Institute of Medical Technology (IMT) is an independent research and education institute of the University of Tampere, founded in 1995. IMT is dedicated to modern biomedical research and to the provision of high-quality education at undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral levels in natural sciences related to biotechnology and molecular biology, and biomedicine.


IMT is one of six Finnish Biocenters recognized by the Ministry of Education. In modern research facilities directly connected to Tampere University Hospital, IMT currently houses thirteen research groups and three affiliated groups with a personnel of over 150. IMT also has close relations with the University of Tampere Medical School and Institute of Regenerative Medicine (REGEA) and with Tampere University of Technology (TUT). This provides an excellent environment for multidisciplinary research and education programs.


The cornerstone of IMT´s operation is the quality of research and the institute´s scientific production and quality have been maintained on a high international level. The research programs at IMT cover three main topics; mitochondrial research, cancer research, and molecular and cellular biology, focusing mainly on immunology. The focal areas of the immunological research at IMT are mechanisms of cytokine functions and innate immunity. In addition, there are technologically orientated research groups in biotechnologyand nanobiotechnology as well as bioinformatics. IMT also houses a Center of Excellence of the Academy of Finland, FinMIT (the Finnish Research Unit on Mitochondrial Biogenesis and Disease).

In recent years, the education programs have also grown to be a key aspect of IMT´s operation. The Master of Science in Biotechnology Program started in 2001 and is jointly run by IMT and TUT. The program provides a novel type of training with special emphasis on modern biomedical research and biotechnology. The international Masters Program in Bioinformatics, which is jointly run with the University of Turku, started in 2006. The IMT Graduate Program, TGSBB, provides leading-edge research training at doctoral level for both science graduates and medical students oriented towards basic science.

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Research groups at IMT

Molecular Immunology

Olli Silvennoinen

Mika Rämet

Marko Pesu

Markku Mäki (affiliated group)


Mitochondrial Research

Howy Jacobs

Hans Spelbrink


Cancer Research

Jorma Isola

Anne Kallioniemi

Johanna Schleutker

Tapio Visakorpi


Cellular Biology

Ari Huovila

Herma Renkema

Seppo Parkkila (affiliated group)


Biotechnology and Nanobiotechnology

Markku Kulomaa



Mauno Vihinen