Vactia English

An innovative service concept for vaccine research and development

Vactia is a leading research and development center focusing on product development related to vaccines and immunological diseases. Vactia draws together the expertise and resources of different organizations into an entity enabling more-in-depth cooperation with large companies in the field, the implementation of bigger international projects and the development of infrastructure required by research groups and companies. By 2015, Vactia aims to be a world-class international center

of excellence in research into vaccines and infectious diseases.


Vactia comprises Vaccine Research Center, the Institute of Medical Technology, Department of Virology and STD Research Center of the University of Tampere, and the companies FIT Biotech and FinnMedi. Vactia brings together almost 300 researchers and projects with a total value close to 30 million euros.


Vactia offers international drug and biotechnology companies a straightforward channel to cooperation and specialist expertise in the field of vaccines and immunology.


Vactia offers

• comprehensive expertise especially related to vaccines

against HIV, rotavirus, enteroviruses and influenza virus

• innovative alternatives for the development of vaccines

utilizing microbes and other organisms

• contacts to internationally renowned vaccine

research groups

• a network of clinics for vaccine research and

a wide range of services for the implementation

of other clinical drug trials.


For its founders Vactia provides a channel for cooperation in international projects and a means to reach new and significant cooperation partners required for leading-edge vaccine development and research.

“The nation´s biggest clinical vaccine research programs are coordinated from Tampere.”