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Vactia's Laboratory for cell-mediated Immunity

Vactia's Laboratory for cell-mediated Immunity offers state-of-the-art platform for measurement of various aspects of immune response. Particularly, the 6-color flow cytometer offers tools for accurate measurement of immune responses even form low cell numbers in mixed population of cells. The Laboratory has sterile cell-culture conditions for example for in vitro of stimulation of cells before flow-cytometric analysis. In addition qPCR equipment allows analysis of gene expression by measuring amount of mRNA in sample. Laboratory offers consultation and planning advice on immunological in vivo experiments, as long as the collaborators provide required permissions for work (either from the animal welfare committee or ethical committee, as appropriate). Please, contact Director of the Laboratory for details. Currently, we collaborate with academical research groups as well as with local small biotech-companies.



Flow cytometer

Starting fee 35 Eur
Usage 20 Eur/hour
User training 40 Eur (only on the first time)


6 Eur/run


Director of the Laboratory:
Ilkka Junttila, MD, PhD

Laboratory technician:
Sanna Hämäläinen