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Research on sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)

A study of the long-term efficacy of a human papilloma virus vaccine has been implemented under the leadership of Professor Matti Lehtinen at the University of Tampere Department of Public Health. The main aim of the study is to prevent the spread of papilloma viruses and to protect against cervical cancer. The organization has 32 research stations and about 100 personnel.



• research on the incidence and prevalence of STDs

• interventions to promote the reproductive health of young people

• evaluation of the effectiveness of the promotion of reproductive health



• epidemiological studies on the population of reproductive age (in collaboration with the

National Institute for Health and Welfare)

• Phase II-IV vaccine studies and

STD (chlamydia, papilloma virus) screening studies

• Modelling and registration follow-up studies

• Phase IV effectiveness studies


Academy of Finland

Finnish cancer organizations

Nordic cancer organizations

EU framework programs (FP5-FP7)

Vaccine manufacturers

(Merck & Co. Inc, GSK Biologicals)